Mints@home Access – Apply for Mints@Home

Using Citrix technology, Mints@Home provides remote access to the applications and environment you would expect from your work PC:

• Accessible from any computer with a web browser and internet access
• Access the full Microsoft office suite including E-mail through a full Outlook interface
• Access your personal and group data storage drives
• Full access to websites you would only normally expect on the University network inc. UFS (University Financial Service) and Library Journals.

There is a single setup charge for this service, which is entirely to cover licensing for this product.

Cost£4.00Per Month

£80.00One Off Cost

Mints@home Login page

SFTP Access – Free Service

You can also access your data through SFTP, If you have group drives these will need to be added to your SFTP access. Please contact the Service Desk if you need access to group drives.

Please be aware that SFTP downloads and uploads to the server; your work is not backed up on our network unless it has been uploaded after changes have been made.


SFTP – Secure File Transfer Protocol (Included with Mints Support)

Access your Personal (U:) drive whilst working externally:

  • Full read & write access to your network stored files through SFTP
  • Use either a freely provided SFTP application (FileZilla) or your Operating System’s built in SFTP application
  • Uses 256bit encryption for highly secure and dependable data transfer


For instructions on how to install FileZilla for remote file access, please view the online documentation. The application is available to download for free from FileZilla Project client download page.

Configuring FileZilla

Now you have installed the software, you will be presented with a credentials request. Please enter the following details:

Username: Mints Username
Password: Mints Password
Port: 22

Click Quickconnect and you should see your U: drive appear in the right hand column. You can now drag and drop as you would using Windows Explorer or similar.

For those that need further assistance for use or wish to discover some of the more advanced features of this application, please look at the online documentation.

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact the Support desk on ext. 36261